A Olivieri

OLIVIERI – Legal Advice in Culture and Entertainment – its mission is to provide legal, business and strategic solutions in the areas of culture, entertainment and sports.

OLIVIERI has the experience of its founding partner Cristiane Olivieri, who has been working in legal and business consulting for more than 25 years, specializing in the area of culture and entertainment, and participating in major events and cultural projects in Brazil.

OLIVIERI has an experienced team with know-how in legal prevention, negotiations and risk assessment, ready to anticipate possible problems and create solutions faster.

In addition to consulting, OLIVIERI works in publications, conferences and courses delivered around Brazil.


Experience: Although the business segments of entertainment, culture and sports are considered new in Brazil, OLIVIERI has over 25 years of experience in the area.

Efficiency: Know-how; technical expertise and practical solutions enable the team to fill the client’s demands quickly and effectively.

Reliability: Commitment, the accurate analysis and the understanding of the processes and standards of the business allows the offering of rapid solutions that are realistic and easy to implement.

Solution: Our focus is to find solutions with legal planning, through the creation of efficient formats that give consistency, legality and speed to client’s business.