Awards, Cultural And Promotional Competitions

Consultancy related to cultural and promotional competitions, preparation of all the necessary documents for the selection of winners, including setting the rules and terms for participation, the distribution of prizes, as well as acquiring the approval from the Government departments, where applicable.

We design terms and conditions for the awards and cultural competitions, registration forms, terms and conditions of the transfer of rights, opinions and contracts relating to the viability of the award.

We give advice related to the competition rules such as cultural awards or commercial actions for specific practical cases.

Courses And Conferences

The courses are aimed at managers working in the areas of culture, sports, entertainment, administration, communication and law, allowing them to be able to:

  • Apply tax rules to formalize their current activity
  • Use tax exemption in culture, sports and social activities
  • Learn how to elaborate and manage the funds of projects and their accountability
  • Understand copyright management
  • Understand all legal issues related to and important in the daily management of cultural production

We develop short courses on demand for cultural institutions and work teams. In addition, we offer participation in seminars and conferences.

Apart from short courses, we also offer classes in undergraduate and postgraduate courses delivered by a variety of universities.

Cultural, Promotional And Corporate Events

Monitoring and management of all legal and strategic aspects related to the production of corporate and promotional events in order to increase client success rates, including:

  • Assistance in the strategic planning of events
  • Budgeting and expenditure assessment
  • Risk assessment

Consulting includes:

  • Contracts (suppliers and artists)
  • Taxation
  • Copyright and image licensing
  • Consumer law
  • Civil liability
  • Negotiation of specific insurance policies
  • Daily monitoring

Intellectual Property (COPYRIGHTS)

Advice on the use and licensing of intellectual works, including image and artistic copyright and related issues, in cultural projects, editorial works, exhibitions, digital projects and all kinds of cultural, commercial and advertising activities.

Advice, negotiation and opinions regarding the use of artwork by third parties, including:

  • format and duration of contract
  • public domain
  • content ownership right
  • rights of heirs
  • unknown authors
  • not found owners

Negotiation with national and international copyright owners with regards to the use of artwork in cultural, commercial or advertising actions and projects.

Dealing with organizations representing national or international authors, such as ECAD, SBAT, VEGAP, ARS, among others.

International Contracts

Setting up of the terms and conditions of the international contract regarding artistic content, production, art loans, performances, including temporary work permits for artists and technicians.

Strategic analysis and negotiation of international relations for culture and entertainment in order to find the best commercial and taxation model for the event.

Legal Support

Although the focus of OLIVIERI – Legal Advice in Culture and Entertainment is consulting, including risk assessment, and conflict prevention, in cases where legal proceedings may be necessary, whether precautionary or not, these legal proceedings will be managed and implemented by our legal partners: lawyers Pedro Vianna de Barros and Flavio Porta (NBFP Lawyers), specializing in administrative, judicial, civil, commercial and tax law, always acting under our supervision.

Major Event Production

Monitoring and management of all legal and strategic aspects related to the production of national and international events for the general public, in private (stadiums) or public space (streets and squares).

Services include:

  • Strategic planning of the event helping to determine estimated costs
  • Deciding which public authorities to contact in relation to the execution of the event
  • List of potential partners involved
  • Risks assessment
  • Contracts elaboration (suppliers and artists)
  • Taxation
  • Copyright and image licensing
  • Consumer law
  • Civil liability
  • Negotiation of specific insurance policies
  • Daily monitoring
  • On-site event check-up

National Contracts

Defining the contract terms and dealing with suppliers in the areas of culture, sports and entertainment, as well as with artists, co-producers, partners, record and audiovisual companies and insurance companies.

Setting up contracts with artists and technicians regarding performances, acquiring copyright authorization and image use, creating commissioned artwork, fixation and distribution of artwork.

Nonprofit Sector

Advice on establishing, administration and formalization of contractual and business relations in all activities performed by nonprofit institutions.

Monitoring of all legal matters relating to finance and relations with public authorities and private companies to define terms of partnerships, technical cooperation, agreements, sponsorship contracts, donation, and management of administrative relations.

Relations With Public Authorities

We manage administrative procedures with the public administration bodies in order to obtain licenses, approvals and authorizations, concession of space, negotiation and formalization of partnerships and agreements.

Management and monitoring of the administrative processes and agreements with the Ministries of Culture, Labor and Foreign Affairs, City Councils, Secretaries of State, Public Security Organizations, Traffic Department, among others.

Tax Exemption

  • Advise on how to maximize the use of tax exemption for arts, for both the sponsors and the producer.
  • Formatting the client’s projects to meet execution, production and law accomplishments;
  • Elaborating and supervising the development of the projects with the cultural commissions responsible for the approval of the federal, state and municipal tax exemptions;
  • Providing guidance on budgeting and accounting;
  • Offering legal advice to use exemption tax in the area of culture, and on the accountability for the project;
  • We are continually updating the municipal, state and federal tax exemption laws for culture, sports and social action events; and sending notifications to our clients about related opportunities and changes.

Work Permit

Preparation of international contracts and documents with artists, art technicians, athletes and lecturers, as well as formalization of Brazilian contractor’s documents to obtain a temporary work permit.

Guidance and monitoring of the process of acquiring the necessary documents by foreigners to obtain and procure a visa .

Advice on the taxation of international artistic contracts and on union dues.